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425 – 2000 µm

Premium glass beads, for visible brilliance

Weissker’s pioneering 100% direct melt glass beads deliver exceptional retroreflectivity, durability and long-term economic benefits.

Ultra-Lux Specs






Refractive index


When to choose Ultra-Lux

Increasing traffic, higher safety standards and extreme weather conditions all put pressure on road markings. Over time their visibility is compromised, risking public safety. Ultra-Lux’s exceptional retroreflectivity mitigates this risk.

Evolving client requirements

Traditionally, glass beads were made from recycled glass. While this process created beads with around 85% roundness, there was scope for refinement.

Weissker’s pioneering product

In the mid-1990s, Weissker developed a pioneering product which revolutionised the road marking industry: direct melt glass beads.

Direct melt technology

Our Ultra-Lux beads are manufactured from 100% direct melt glass which creates beads with 95% roundness, doubling existing retroreflective levels.

Range of Ultra-Lux Products

Ultra-Lux beads range in size from 425 to 2000 µm to offer extraordinary retroreflectivity and visibility and can be purchased with or without coating, depending on your specific requirements.