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Moments that matter

Modern-day road marking has developed exponentially in the past 30 years, and Weissker has played an integral role. These are the defining moments.

Modern-day road marking measurement

Through the decades

With the development in the 1980s of the first reliable tools to measure retroreflectivity, the industry sought to achieve higher values. Weissker was founded in 1994 and pioneered revolutionary direct melt glass beads, doubling existing values. Formal certification led to improved application systems in the 2000s, and ever-evolving client needs continue to drive innovation.

Innovative glass bead production

Pioneering technology

Weissker’s development of direct melt glass beads revolutionised the road marking industry. The ground-breaking direct melt process created beads with 95% roundness and exceptional clarity, doubling the level of retroreflectivity previously seen in recycled glass beads. The result? Unsurpassed visibility, greater safety, and even more exacting industry standards.

Driving greater industry standards

Testing and certification

Since our inception, Weissker has been actively involved in driving standards for the testing and certification of glass beads and road markings. With no single global standard, Weissker is highly experienced with the various certification procedures around the world. This makes us an ideal end-to-end partner to guide our clients through the process.

The future of glass bead technology

Evolving standards

Weissker is proud to bring K-Lux glass beads to the market. Developed to offer unprecedented retroreflectivity of typically 1000 mcd, K-Lux represents the next generation of glass bead technology. Our client-first approach drives us to develop innovative new products to deliver what the market needs – now and in the future.

International reach, local expertise

Weissker’s global presence

Operating from our German headquarters, Weissker is a global business, and our products are sold across North America, Continental Europe, Asia and Australia, with plans afoot for further expansion. We create tailored solutions to meet the criteria of each individual country’s governmental standards, providing a truly international service for our clients.