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106 – 2000 μm

Premium glass beads for adaptable, high-performance visibility

Weissker’s tailormade solution, delivering premium beads with the best price-performance ratio, for high-quality applications.

Duo-Lux Product Specs



400 – 600mcd



Refractive index


When to choose Duo-Lux

Combining the high retroreflective qualities of our direct melt glass Ultra-Lux beads with the economic benefits of Lux beads, Duo-Lux is custom-made to our clients’ requirements.

Weissker’s client-first solution

By blending Ultra-Lux direct melt glass beads with recycled glass Lux beads, Duo-Lux showcases Weissker’s commitment to offering adaptable client-centric solutions.

A full spectrum of performance

Duo-Lux is offered in three performance classes to meet our clients’ specific requirements for high retroreflection at a more economical price.

Adaptable, high-quality visibility

As your trusted partner, Weissker can advise you on the performance class most suited to your territory’s specific requirements.

Range of Duo-Lux Products

Duo-Lux beads range in size from 106 to 2000 µm and are available to purchase with or without coating, depending on your specific needs and certification requirements.