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106 – 850 μm

Entry-level glass beads for value-driven solutions

Weissker’s original recycled glass beads deliver high clarity and good retroreflectivity for low-cost applications in regular traffic territories.

Lux Product Specs






Refractive index


When to choose Lux

For territories with regular traffic roads and less inclement weather, Weissker’s standard recycled glass Lux beads offer a reliable and economical alternative to premium direct melt glass.

The original glass bead product

Before Weissker pioneered the direct-melt, Lux beads were the industry standard used to effectively improve the visibility of road markings.

Sustainably sourced glass

Lux beads are manufactured from sustainably sourced 100% recycled glass, thoroughly checked to ensure the highest quality.

Range of Lux Products

Lux beads range in size from 106 to 850 µm and can be purchased with or without coating, depending on your specific needs and certification requirements.