UltraLux® Glass Beads are high performance beads ranging in size from 600 mµm to 2000 mµm in diameter

  • Weissker’s method of UltraLux® Glass Beads production out of virgin glass provides for the highest product quality.
  • The special coating process complies with the highest requirements of the road marking industry.
  • The great quality of the virgin glass beads provides an increased level of retro-reflectivity and road safety.

UltraLux® Glass Beads offer much higher levels of reflectivity when compared to the Lux® Glass Beads due to their larger size, higher rounds and special glass composition, particularly important for wet night conditions.

UltraLux® Glass Beads possess the superior adhesive properties to the various binding materials, and are widely used in different marking systems (water- and solvent based paints, two component systems, alkyd- and resin-based thermoplastics)

UltraLux® Glass Beads are one of the most cost-effective and long-lasting ways to increase highway safety.

Conformity to EN 1423, EN 1424, ISO 9001:2000,EC- CERTIFICATE OF CONFORMITY 
Range of glass beads diameter
Samples of basic gradations
600 -2000 (microns)
800 -1200 (microns)
850 -1180 (microns)
800 -1300 (microns)
600 -1300 (microns)
600 – 850 (microns)
1000-1180 (microns)
Chemical composition, % Silicon oxide – 64,5
Calcium oxide – 16,7
Sodium oxide – 16,7
Aluminium oxide – 2,1
Dangerous substances (lead, arsenic, antimony) – none
Refractive index ≥1,50
Maximum weighted % of defective glass beads 15
Maximum weighted % of grain and foreign particles 3
Resistance to water, hydrochloric acid, calcium chloride, sodium sulfide Resisting
Surface treatment of glass beads Uncoated (G);Embedment coated (Silan, Adhesion) (H).
Mix of glass beads and additives Antiskid additives (D); Antiskid aggregates (A)
Packing Paper bags 25 kg Big-bags 1000 kg