Weissker’s standard Lux® Glass Beads are high quality glass beads available in a size range from 63 to 850 mµm in diameter.


The Weissker Lux® Glass Beads are of a consistent quality with good reflectivity and low gas & air inclusion. Weissker uses an advanced coating system technology which provides for high level adhesion to the road marking materials.


Weissker’s Lux® Glass Beads comply with various quality and production standards such as GOST R 51256, GOST R 52289, EN1423 and EN1424. The product is commonly used for both premix as well as for sprinkling on marking application on the road surface (drop on).


Conformity to EN 1423, EN 1424, ISO 9001:2000, EC- CERTIFICATE OF CONFORMITY 


Range of glass beads diameter

Samples of basic gradations

63 -1100 (microns)

63 -212 (microns)

400-850 (microns)

100-600 (microns)

180-850 (microns)

125-710 (microns)

Chemical composition, %

Silicon oxide – 72,1

Calcium oxide – 6,0

Sodium oxide – 15,0

Aluminium oxide – 2,2

Ferric oxide – 0,2

Magnesium oxide – 4,0

Sulphur oxide – 0,5

Dangerous substances (lead, arsenic, antimony) – none

Refractive index ≥1,50
Maximum weighted % of defective glass beads 20
Maximum weighted % of grain and foreign particles 3
Resistance to water, hydrochloric acid, calcium chloride, sodium sulphide Resisting