The Weissker group of companies (Weissker) is one of the world leaders in the manufacture of glass beads for road marking. Weissker currently sells into several markets, including Russia, CIS, Europe and North America.

High-Quality Glass Beads for Road Marking and Industrial Applications

Weissker’s multiple manufacturing operations use various methods to assure the highest quality product in the industry. Its small (or Lux® ) beads, generally in grade 60µm -850µm, are manufactured from recycled glass and used in road marking and for various industrial uses.

Weissker’s large (or UltraLux®) beads (generally in 600µm – 2,000µm) are regarded as the highest quality beads in the world and are made from virgin glass. Weissker is the largest producer in the world of UltraLux beads used for road marking.

All products comply with various international quality standards, including EN1423 and EN 1424. The quality management system is TÜV certified according to ISO 9001:2000. The product’s conformity to the standards is being constantly verified through the tests carried out by independent laboratories in Russia, Europe and the US.

High-quality glass beads for road marking

Weissker’s standard Lux® glass beads are high-quality glass beads available in sizes ranging from 63µm to 850µm in diameter. Weissker Lux® glass beads are of a consistent quality with good reflectivity and low gas and air inclusion. Weissker uses an advanced coating system technology which allows for high level adhesion to the road marking materials.

Weissker’s Lux® glass beads comply with various quality and production standards such as GOST R 51256, GOST R 52289, EN1423 and EN1424. The product is commonly used for both premix and for sprinkling on marking applications on the road surface (drop on).

High-performance reflective virgin glass beads

UltraLux® glass beads are high-performance beads ranging in size from 600µm to 2,000µm in diameter. Weissker’s method of producing Ultralux glass beads from virgin glass provides the highest product quality. The special coating process complies with the highest requirements of the road marking industry. The great quality of the virgin glass beads provides an increased level of retro-reflectivity and road safety.

UltraLux® glass beads offer much higher levels of reflectivity when compared to the Lux beads due to their larger size, higher rounds and special glass composition, particularly important for wet night conditions.

They possess the superior adhesive properties to the various binding materials, and are widely used in different marking systems (water and solvent based paints, two component systems, alkyd and resin-based thermoplastics).

UltraLux® glass beads are one of the most cost-effective and long-lasting ways to increase highway safety.

Blended glass beads for reflective road marking

A blend of Weisskers Lux glass beads and UltraLux glass beads is used to gain improved reflectivity on thin-layered road marking. The so-called DuoLux® beads can be manufactured and blended according to customer demands, and material and technical requirements.

Leader in the glass beads market

High performance and stable quality products, flexibility to meet specific customer requirements, and in-house research and development enable Weissker to hold a unique position in the glass beads market.

The sales organizations within the Weissker group of companies are fully staffed to support customers around the world. Don´t hesitate to contact us.